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Museum of Fine Arts

Art in Bloom

April 30 - May 3, 2021

Art in Bloom has returned for 2021! The event salutes the spring virtually this year, showcasing fine art and floral design for the 45th year. 


Around December of each year, as Art in Bloom is being organized by the Associates of the Museum of Fine Arts, a letter goes out to all of the local garden clubs' Presidents asking for the name of a floral designer and an assistant from their club to interpret a piece of art for the 4-day event. Worcester Garden Club chooses to keep track and rotate their club's designers, so those who want to get an opportunity to participate can have one. In non-covid years, each designer or assistant is responsible for maintaining their own design daily. 


See below for the floral arrangement of two Worcester Garden Club members featured in 2021. 


Altarpiece with Amitabha and Attendants
Worcester Garden Club

Interpreted by Floral Designers Kathy Michie and Penny Kaczyk

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