The Purposes of the Worcester Garden Club Are:

  • To promote the knowledge and appreciation of gardening, horticulture, flower arranging, and all phases of conservation;

  • To educate the community in the art of gardening, in the science of horticulture and in the conservation of all our national and local resources;

  • To encourage and develop civic planting throughout Worcester County.

A member of The Garden Club of America and National Garden Clubs, Inc. 

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Monday April ??, 2019
At the Worcester Club, 2nd floor


Flower Show Committee: ??

Timetable for Exhibitors: ?? Below is from last year...

  • November 1,2017 Floral Design– Registrations open with Joan Laracy – Send name and class choice to

  • November 1, 2017 Photography – Registrations open with Kathy Farber – Send name and class choices to

  • January 23,2018 Horticulture - THREE month ownership deadline

  • April 10, 2018 Photography – deadline for Registration and receipt of digital image 

  • April 10, 2018 Floral Design – deadline for Registration

  • Monday April 23, 2018 8:00–9:30am 

    • Floral Design - entries accepted and passed on the day of the show, with no facilities for creating floral designs on site;

    • Horticulture - entries accepted and passed on the day of the show with no pre-registration necessary;

    • Photography – exhibitors’ printed and mounted photographs on the day of the show.


Division I
Floral Design


Class 1 (4 Entries)
A functional table design staged on a 54” round table to serve 4 people.  Viewed from all sides without chairs.
Functional Table: a table exhibit arranged for dining, including dishes, glassware, linens, and floral design(s) with or without other components.  


Class 2 – Twist and Shout (4 Entries)
A design of mainly fresh foliage incorporating leaf manipulation.  Some flowering forms are permitted.  The entries will be displayed 2 each on an eight foot long table (space: 48” x 30”) with no height restrictions.  Viewed from 3-sides.  
Leaf Manipulation: altering foliage by using one of the following techniques: folding, twisting, cutting, pleating, braiding or wiring.


Class 3 – Twisted Sisters (4 Entries)
A horizontal design not to exceed 30” in total width.  The entries will be displayed 2 each on an eight foot long table (space: 48” x 30”)
Horizontal design: a composition in which the components are arranged on an axis parallel to the horizon.


Division II


Class 1 – Forced Spring Flowering BRANCH (your choice of shrub or tree)

Examples are Forsythia or any fruit tree.

One stem not to exceed 24” in length including portion of stem in container.  
Note: You must allow time ahead for forcing. See our Practical Advice for Horticulture page for more information.   


Class 2 – Evergreen BRANCH (your choice of needle or broadleaf, shrub or tree)

Examples are Rhododendron or Cedar.  
One stem not to exceed 24” in length 


Class 3 – House Plant / Potted Plant (any potted plant – foliage only or in bloom)

Size of pot is restricted to 12” diameter.  

No hanging baskets are permitted.


Class 4 – Mother and Daughter / Propagation (a single plant exhibited along with the parent plant from which it was propagated, each in a separate but compatible container)

Both plants will be judged.


Horticulture Notes: 

  • An exhibitor may submit more than one entry in any of the classes.

  • Please bring your branch already in a GLASS bottle with water for display (soda, wine or beer bottles work well).  

  • Needled branches may be displayed by lying down without a bottle.  

  • Container-grown plants should be exhibited in containers that are clean, unobtrusive and compatible with the exhibit.  Terracotta clay pots are preferred.  Other options include stone-like (Hypertufa) containers, and slatted orchid baskets. Disguised double potting and top dressing are permitted; top dressing must not float when watered.

  • Questions: Contact Lisa Huntington

Division III


Class 1 – Reflections

An image featuring water, (i.e. waters edge, winding stream or water in winter)


Class 2 – Color

A single bloom, indoor or outdoor any season


Class 3 - A Walk in the Woods

A landscape, (fall explosion or winter)

Class 4 - Abstract or Manipulation

A creative photograph with or without manipulation.  (Manipulation can be in the camera or on the computer but if manipulated try to include a 4”x 6” image of the original.)  


Photography Notes:

  • Photography entries are limited to subjects consistent with The Garden Club of America interests such as: horticulture, floral design, gardens/landscapes, conservation and the environment, historic preservation, civic improvements and the natural world.

  • An exhibitor may make entries in any or all classes or 2 in one class, if desired.  Small easels will be supplied by committee for display. Photos must be able to support themselves. (Staples, CVS and Walgreens or other photo finishers will print and mount on foam core upon request. Flush mounting required, foam core may be white or black.) Photo may not be larger than 16”x 20” with no restrictions on proportions.

  • Questions: Contact Lynne Tonna