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Museum of Fine Arts
Art in Bloom
Last weekend in April, annually

The event Art in Bloom returns annually to The Museum of Fine Arts to welcome spring to New England highlighting fine art by using floral designs.  The designs are placed on pedestals adjoining their respective artwork. 


The MFA Associates invite local garden clubs to participate in creating these interpretive designs.


Worcester Garden Club began participating in 1996, as best as we can tell.  The club keeps track of pairs of participants and rotates their club designers, so that all who would like to participate get an opportunity plus the mentoring process.  There are always two people from each club required by the Museum to keep up with the maintenance through the four-day event at the end of April.  Flora in Winter at the Worcester Art Museum was inspired by this MFA creative way of bringing visitors into see the art (created in 1976.)


Here are some photos of designs with their pair of WGC designers’ names and year:

Bhairave or Mahakala - Indonesian

Interpreted by Kim Cutler assisted by Leigh Hudson

AIB at MFA Kim C. and Leigh H. 4-24.jpg
AIB 2024 Kim Cutler 2 of 2.jpeg


Grainstacks by Claude Monet

Interpreted by Penny Kaczyk assisted by Kathy Michie

WGC Art in Bloom 2023.JPG
WGC detail Art in Bloom  2023 (1).JPG


Winter Landscape … Village by Hendrick Avercamp

Interpreted by Sally Jablonski assisted by Penny Kaczyk

AIB - Sally Jablonski 2022.jpeg

2021 (during Covid and not on site)
Altar with Amitabha and Attendants

Interpreted by Kathy Michie assisted by Penny Kaczyk

AIB - 2021 Kathy Michie 1of 2.jpeg
AIB - Kathy Michie 2 of 2.jpeg
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