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Art Museum

Flora in Winter

February 25-28, 2021

Worcester Garden Club members bring beautiful floral arrangements to Worcester Art Museum’s Flora in Winter!


Worcester Garden Club members were instrumental in bringing the annual Flora in Winter event to the Worcester Art Museum on February 25-28, allowing community members a glimpse of the beauty of spring toward the end of winter. The event gives opportunity to enjoy the beauty of fresh flower arrangements, inspired by works of art and created by the area’s leading floral designers, many from the Worcester Garden Club. This year, despite the pandemic, the show did go on! While the events and demonstrations moved online, including a "Passport to Virtual Flora" which brought the fun, education, beauty and excitement of the event to homes across the region, there were limited times for in-person tours and viewing these spectacular arrangements in the museum's galleries. Three Worcester Garden Club members, Kim Cutler, Kathy Michie, and Sarah Ribeiro, coordinated the event, and eleven floral designers from the club each interpreted a work of art in the museum's collection through a unique floral arrangement. Congratulations to the WGC members for their beautiful displays: Barbara Athy, Kim Cutler, Susan Dewey, Mary Fletcher, Sally Jablonski, Penny Kaczyk, Julie Lapham, Joan Laracy, Marne Mailhot, Kathy Michie, and Sarah Ribeiro.

barbara - flora.jpg

Barbara Athy

IMG_0429 (1).jpg

Kim Cutler

susan - flora.jpg

Susan Dewey

mary - flora.jpg

Mary Fletcher

sally - flora.jpg

Sally Jablonski

julie - flora.jpg

Julie Lapham

joan - flora.jpg

Joan Laracy

marne - flora.jpg

Marne Mailhot

kathy - flora.jpg
sarah - flora.jpg
penny - flora.jpg

Kathy Michie

Sarah Ribeiro

Penny Kaczyk

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