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Educational Programming:

Conservation Roundtable meetings have been used to disseminate information that will help our members be more responsible and to spread word about new ways to treat our surroundings. Some topics addressed have been:

  • Land Conservation

  • Organic Lawn & Garden Care

  • Asian Long Horned Beetle

  • Street Trees

  • Climate Change 

  • Plastics Use Reduction and Recycling 

  • Pollinator Protection

Cell Phone and Battery Collection:

An early project of the Roundtable was to collect old cell phones and other batteries so that they could be recycled or disposed of properly.

Paper or Plastic...Neither!:

Volunteers from the Roundtable asked local supermarkets to donate reusable shopping bags and distributed them to club members.

Organic Produce:

Many local farmers pride themselves in growing healthy organic produce. Visit this page for a list.

Updated Bottle Bill:

The Roundtable spearheaded WGC advocacy efforts to support the Updated Bottle Bill Ballot Question for the November 4, 2014 election.

Pollinator Protection Project:

Members of the Roundtable participated in the WGC Pollinator Project and help create “A Guide to Pollination” for members and the public. For an informative folder, click here.

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