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The Worcester Garden Club is a Recycle Smart MA Partner. We are focused on recycling and plastic use reduction, and we are aware of the state's outreach and education program to reduce contaminants in the recycling stream.


Read about WGC highlighted in RecycleSmart newsletter:

WGC has been recognized in DEP's RecycleSmart newsletter for becoming a Partner. This is a terrific newsletter with lots of recycling tips and information. There is a Subscribe button at the top left of the newsletter that you can click on to receive it electronically.


Click on this link to take a peek.


Find out if you are recycling right:


Use the Recyclopedia to look up how and where to recycle specific items:

Recycling percent RS_Info1-orange.jpg
Recycling amount RS_Info2-green.jpg
Recycling bags RS_Info2-blue.jpg
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