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Arboretum & Gardens at Green Hill Park


The unique and tranquil Arboretum & Gardens within Worcester's largest park was created through a collaborative effort of the Worcester Garden Club and the City of Worcester. Inspired by the devastation caused by the Asian longhorned beetle, the arboretum highlights the importance of incorporating species diversity in landscape design. These living examples will help visitors choose the right tree for the right place. Signs provide information about each tree, the Asian longhorned beetle, and about how to make wise choices in creating your own inviting landscape. It's the perfect place to visit, whether to learn about and enjoy the many varieties of trees, to have a picnic, or just to take a leisurely walk.


The Worcester Garden Club maintains the Arboretum & Gardens at Green Hill Park. We all extend our appreciation to Penny Kazyck for her stewardship of the project. In addition, we thank all the volunteers who helped with the digging, weeding and planting!

Read about the history of the Arboretum & Gardens at Green Hill Park.

Click here to print out a map and start planning your visit.

Grant Support

for Civic Projects


As part of our mission, the Worcester Garden Club supports and promotes civic plantings, conservation, horticulture, gardening, and education through awards to the community. In 2023-2024, five organizations were each granted funds to help achieve their goals and improve horticulture and conservation in Worcester County.

  • Regional Environmental Council REC: $1,000 for working with YouthGrow program on raised beds and 6 large new planters in Webster Square with the Worcester Native Plant Initiative helping with plant purchases and installation.

  • Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester: $1,000 for nursery supplies for their native plant gardens in and around the church AND distribution through other non-profits and organizations 

  • New England Botanic Garden: $1,000 for the continuation of the Planters for People Project in Main South neighborhood plus Pleasant St neighborhood

  • Living in Freedom Together: $1,000 to expand their therapeutic gardening program at Jana’s Place by building out gardening space with 3 new raised beds 

  • Worcester Green Corps: $1,000 to continue working in Green Island Neighborhood and establish new community gardens at Crompton Park.  


Click here to read our Purposes and Application Guidelines. If you believe you are a good candidate, you may download and complete our grant application. 

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