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The Garden Club of America Conservation Pledge

Bee on Flower

To preserve America's beauty and natural heritage for future generations, we pledge to:

  • Promote conservation stewardship through environmental education and to advocate science-based environmental legislation

  • Work to protect endangered species, especially flora, to promote biodiversity and to conserve natural resources

  • Encourage the responsible use of our public lands for the benefit of all citizens

  • Work to reduce industrial, municipal and household waste and advocate the prevention of pollution of soil, air and water

Click here to read more about the Garden Club of America's conservation efforts. 

Download the Garden Club of America's NAL Priorities for Congress.

Worcester Garden Club

Working to Preserve the Environment


Since the sixties, members of the Worcester Garden Club have been aware of threats to our environment and the natural world. In the year 2000, a small group of women founded the Conservation Roundtable with the purpose of identifying ways to help alleviate these problems. Over the years the group has grown in size and in enthusiasm. The Roundtable meets five times during the year, inviting expert speakers on timely topics or taking field trips to explore solutions to environmental issues. The group also takes action when necessary. 

The Roundtable actively monitors environmental issues on the local and national level. Using email, members are informed of pressing issues and asked to contact their legislators. Representatives of the club attend the National Affairs Legislation Conference in Washington, DC and often are present at the Worcester City Council Meetings.

Get Involved

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All of us can get involved and be part of the solution to help preserve our environment. 

This year, the Roundtable will delve deeper into our goals of enhancing recycling efforts, reducing waste, creating sustainability and improving yard care. We plan to help municipalities improve their recycling programs and reduce contamination, advance resiliency planning and encourage the principles of the GCA's Great Healthy Yard Project.  

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