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Newport Flower Show
Audubon: Artistic Adventures
June 21-23, 2019
Rosecliff, Newport, RI

In the recent Newport Flower Show, each class in this show was inspired by an Audubon painting of birds, many of them extinct. Congratulations to the WGC winners!

Following is important information for Flower Shows:

Flower Show Rules
Plant Label Guidelines
Endangered Plant List

Past flower shows may be found here.

Floral Design Category:


Sarah Ribeiro won a second for her underwater design in a class about the Long-Legged Avocet. 

Sarah won a second red ribbon for her design about the Black-bellied Darter.


Sally Jablonski won blue for her design inspired by the Pileated Woodpecker.


Sally's second arrangement interpreted the Carolina Parrots you see in the picture to the right.


Kim Cutler got HM for this design. She neglected to read the glossary which said a pot et fleur should use only one container.

Former WGC member Ginna Thoma got a red ribbon for this design and the Bettie Pardee award for using only flowers from her garden.

Susan Dewey got a red ribbon for her fabulous, flamboyant hat!

This lovely picture hat was created by Julie Lapham.

Horticulture Category:


Laura Glazier entered a number of roses and ferns from her garden winning many awards. This beauty got a blue ribbon.


Donna Rose also brought a lot of unusual plant material to Newport. This hosta was one of the three blues she brought home. These ladies rock!

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