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May, 1998 WGC Newsletter: "Vote on WGC Project 2000 - Green Hill Park"


"The Board voted on May 4th to recommend a major planting project at Green Hill Park in Worcester for our Project 2000. A vote on this proposal will be taken at our general meeting on June 15th. The proposal is for WGC to fund the planting of an orchard in Green Hill Park in memory of Andrew Haswell Green and to assist in its planning. Green was the founding father of New York's Central Park, who brought in Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux to design it. His family estate in Worcester was acquired by the city around the turn of the century. Once the city's flagship park, it lies in tatters today after years of neglect. However, a new master plan for the park has recently been adopted and new funding from the park's golf course has been secured, which means that renovations will begin soon. The tentative groundbreaking date is Friday, June 12 at 11 a.m. at the Refectory [Pavilion].


"Having participated in the master planning process, WGC would now like to help implement the plan. 
To do so, the Projects Committee and the Board recommend that WGC request that the $5,000 given to the city by WGC in 1994 for planting around the Burnside Memorial Fountain (on the Common) be redirected to this proposed orchard in Green Hill Park. (The city has not undertaken the $7 million renovation of the Common as was promised when this gift was made and it no longer appears that this renovation will take place.) We have been told that this $5,000 can be redirected to Green Hill Park, where we could use it to plant trees appropriate to an orchard. This orchard would be located east of the Refectory [Pavilion].


"WGC would also commit to raising an additional $5,000, of which approximately $2,500 would be set aside for maintenance. The remaining $2,500 would be used to cover any additional costs for the orchard, some historic shade trees, and perennials for new terraces on two sides of the Refectory [Pavilion], as funds permit. GCA has asked clubs to develop a project to mark the millenium, so this Green Hill Park project is proposed as our Project 2000.


"We have already received an anonymous gift of $500 in honor of Helen E. Stoddard to kick off this project. We are hoping to add to that at our 'Cocktails and Concoctions' Silent Auction on May 18th. Please call Project Chairman Liz Dean if you have questions."


WGC President Betsy DeMallie 1998 - 2000
WGC Civic Projects Chairman 2000 Eleanor Brockway
Garden Planning and Planting Chairmen 2000 Cacky Hodgson and Linda Milton

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